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Evolvys is a Ventures Builder:  a business for building businesses, accelerating their growth and accompanying them throughout their evolution. It is a new breed of Technology Network, that identifies outstanding sources of innovation, helps in productising them and bringing them into market. The Evolvys network, through its partners and for its partners, draws on an ecosystem that enables growth through collaboration.


Our Growth Acceleration practitioners have a broad-experience, are execution-oriented, able to join the dots between all business domains: technology development, business modelling, sales, marketing, delivery and finance.


Evolvys has developed a Method of Systematic Innovation (Design for Innovation – D4I) that has a demonstrable track record of deployments. D4I allows our portfolio companies to put in place an Innovation strategy that creates a truly exceptional culture, which will transform an organisation and ensure sustainable competitive differentiation. Our approach has its root within multiple disciplines and domains, by integrating sciences, engineering and economics.

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